3D printing is revolutionizing the way organizations image and work, helping you to create better prototypes, but also opening up new opportunities in product development, workflow management, and production. 3-D printing is about a lot more than form, fit and function testing. It’s a critical process tool, one that speeds time to market, shortens design cycles, improves quality control and lets design teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently than ever. And all at a cost that’s lower than traditional prototyping.

Markforged Industrial Strength 3D Printing

A Breakthrough in 3D Printing Performance & Accuracy

Markforged 3D printing technology provides manufacturers with a solution for building custom tools, durable fixtures and part grippers for robotics and assembly automation – 10x faster and much cheaper than traditional manufacturing methods.

With a Markforged 3D Printer, you can reduce manufacturing lead time with amazingly strong, 3D printed composite and metal parts – right in your shop or lab.
Materials combine to give you superior composites by starting with base plastics and adding continuous fiber for reinforcement. Engineer parts for toughness, strength, high temperature, stability and resilience.


3D Systems Professional & Production 3D Printers

3DS Parts

From prototyping to production; with powder, plastics and metal, 3D Systems truly provides the widest range of 3D printing technologies in the industry.

Our partnership with 3D Systems has helped our clients in manufacturing, architecture, construction, and science drastically reduce design cycles, present visual concepts and efficiently produce end-use parts.
No other 3D Printer company provides the high level of true-to-CAD, accurate plastic parts and easy, post processing as 3D Systems does with their MultiJet, SLA and SLS printers.

The amazing ColorJet printing technology still provides the only full-color, concept or marketing models, at the lowest cost and with same-day turnaround.

And, now with Direct Metal Printing, 3D Systems brings access to a wide range of alloys, increased productivity and unmatched design and manufacturing freedom.