Make Data Work


From design automation to automating other engineering and sales processes can result in many benefits including:

faster design and product customization,

more efficient engineering and manufacturing production,

streamlined product delivery

and more accurate sales estimates for customers.

Whether you are a complex manufacturing company that engineers to order based on complex customer requirements, or a manufacturer that builds highly configurable solutions using a more standard set of components, the benefits of automated design and workflow can be dramatic, including:

  • Winning new business by improving competitive advantage
  • Maximize efficiency by increasing reuse of existing engineering assets
  • Dramatically reducing quote and order turnaround times
  • Increasing quantity of quotes, bid accuracy and win rates

Sales Engineering Automation

  • Bring engineering to the point of sale
  • Enable sales reps and dealers to easily create custom engineered solutions in minutes
  • Create compelling proposals with a custom designed graphics and rendering solution
  • Reduce or eliminate pre-sales engineering costs
  • Create a web portal that will sell your custom-engineered products for you

Engineering Design Automation

  • Reduce throughput time
  • Reduce engineering costs by 50%
  • Reduce errors – cost of quality
  • Enable your engineers to focus on new features and products