The regional plan that so many of our clients have found essential to sound business planning and process improvement is now available throughout the US.

For select HP DesignJet Wide Format Printers, pay a low, monthly base rate plus square footage – you receive a printer, on-site parts & labor repair service, ink, print heads and bond paper. And, we manage the printer supplies and service with cloud-based Printerpoint.


  • Full Service: Your printer notifies us when it needs supplies and service; technicians are assigned immediately; supplies are delivered on-time.
  • Obsolescence Protection. Technology continues to change more rapidly; not just the hardware, but also the software, operating systems and industry initiatives we rely on. You have the option to replace your printer when the MasterPlan term cycles.
  • “No Surprises” Budget Planning: We find there are two scenarios in design firms; those that wait until their plotter becomes unusable before it’s replaced; and those who plan ahead for replacement. Best-in-class firms choose the latter to avoid workflow disruption, stay within their  budget, and take time to evaluate a solution that best fits their needs. Which scenario would you prefer?
  • Tax and Accounting: A Masterplan is considered a 100% operating expense and typically listed under “office supplies” on your P&L. You receive only one monthly invoice for the base rate and square footage.