3D printing is about more than form, fit and function testing. It has become a critical process tool, speeding up time to market, shortens design cycles, improves quality control and lets design teams collaborate more effectively. All at a price point that is lower than traditional prototyping.

3D Scanners

3D Scanners

3D scanning allow you to quickly and easily turn physical objects into CAD, visualization or 3D design files. We offer a wide variety of 3D scanning options. We will help you select the right scanner for your needs, whether to create 3D prints, generate 3D animations or visualizations, reverse-engineer machine parts or conducts equipment performance studies.


Design is becoming more data-driven, and as it does, technology has become more sophisticated, sharper and brighter than ever. We offer a line of fast, convenient, easy-to-use devices that are startlingly true to your design. We help make engineering, architectural and graphics organizations more productive and efficient.

Wide-format printers

Wide Format Scanners

Wide-Format Scanners

When you design, validate and coordinate in CAD applications, you print and share information in analog form. This does not fit your digital workflow and you are often held back by the need to redraw technical plans. We offer a wide selection of scanners to meet any business need.


Everything you need – and the expertise to keep it running flawlessly. Certified field service technicians with more than 200 years of combined experience installing and servicing printers.

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