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From professional-level 3D printers to industrial-strength, production units, 3D printing encapsulates much more than form, fit and function testing. It’s a critical processing tool, one that speeds up time to market, shortens design cycles, improves quality control and lets design teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently than ever – all at a much lower cost.

We understand how 3D printing has revolutionized the way organizations innovate and visualize. A professional 3D printer not only helps create better prototypes, but also helps create new opportunities in product development, workflow management and production.

HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology

Reinvent How You Prototype and Produce Functional Parts

HP 3D Printing

MasterGraphics has had a strong partnership with Hewlett–Packard, going back more than 20 years. HP’s Jet Fusion 3D printer solutions bring true, production-level prototype printing and functional end-use printing to businesses faster and at lower costs.

Many of HP’s top 3D printer models utilize the brand’s Open Platform approach which encourages collaboration, innovation and cost reduction. This approach also lends itself driving new performance advancements and providing industry-specific 3D printing solutions.  

HP 3D printing machines are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for both consumers and manufacturers. Improve the quality of your output, reduce costs and accelerate your processes with HP Jet Fusion technology.

Markforged Industrial 3D Printers

A Breakthrough in 3D Printing Performance & Accuracy

Industrial 3D printers from Markforged give manufacturers the technology they need for constructing custom tools, parts and fixtures. Incorporating an industrial 3D printer into your workflow is much more cost-effective and time efficient than relying on traditional manufacturing methods to get the job done.

With a Markforged 3D printer, you can reduce manufacturing lead time substantially by creating durable, 3D printed metals and composites without leaving the lab. These printer models are the perfect tool for combining materials and providing first-rate composite parts that contain all the properties needed for virtually any project.


EnvisionTEC 3D Printers

Delivering Speed and Accuracy for Superior 3D Printing

EnvisionTEC leads the industry in delivering highly accurate parts that rival SLA; down to 10 microns; with a smooth surface finish that requires little to no post-processing.

Consequently, industries that demand the highest in part accuracy and smooth, organic shapes, such as hearing aid and dental industries, prefer EnvisionTEC 3D printers for mass customized production.

To meet the demands of manufacturing, automotive, consumer goods and aerospace industries, EnvisionTEC developed 3D printers that can print a variety of engineering-grade materials, including tooling materials for short-run injection molding.

Whether you’re looking for faster, more accurate prototypes for design verification and testing – to help the manufacturing process move faster – or for real mass production of custom products, EnvisionTEC has real advantages over other 3D printing solutions.

Image of EnvisionTEC 3D printer