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The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution reinvents how you prototype and produce functional parts; delivering quality output, up to 10x faster, at half the cost. 

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HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology

HP’s vision for 3D printing is the revolution of part manufacturing (how parts are made) and part distribution supply chain (where and when parts are made). This allows manufacturers to achieve lower cost-per-part and reduce operational costs, opening doors to short-run manufacturing.

To realize the full potential of 3D printing, HP’s 3D printing platform is designed to become an industry standard, as HP is inviting creative collaboration in materials for 3D printing.

Reinventing Prototyping

Breakthroughs in materials and agent-material interactions can power the widespread adoption of 3D design and hardware innovation resulting in a digital transformation of manufacturing as widespread and profound as the way HP’s Thermal Inkjet solutions changed traditional 2D printing.

HP’s entry into 3D printing includes realizing HP’s vision of a 3D printing ecosystem with advanced user interfaces, software for 3D part creation and production, and 3D printers optimized to deliver an end-to-end experience with the potential to drive the digital transformation of manufacturing.

HP Jet Fusion 580/380 3D Printers
HP Jet Fusion 4200/4210

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