3D Scanners

At the quick pace most businesses run today, your team doesn’t have time to create all its 3D design files from scratch. With portable and handheld 3D scanners, you can quickly and easily turn physical objects into CAD, visualization or 3D design files – files that your team can modify, 3D print or share as needed. MasterGraphics offers a wide array of 3D scanner hardware. Whether you’re looking for a simple low-cost handheld CAD scanner, or a highly sophisticated tripod-based system, we have a solution to fit – or we’ll do the scanning for you!

Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

Leica BLK360

The Leica BLK360 is the perfect as-built measurement tool as it allows civil engineers and construction professionals to collect up to 360,000 measurements per second and full HDR imagery at the push of a button. Think of it as bringing your job site back to the office. It’s also a great tool for factory layout and production cell planning.

The Autodesk® ReCap Pro mobile app processes the BLK360 imagery and scan so you can view your data, measure, annotate and collaborate. The ReCap mobile app is available as part of your Autodesk ReCap subscription.

Artec Eva Handheld Scanner

This lightweight handheld 3D scanner is an ideal choice for making detailed, accurate models of medium-sized objects at mid-range. All you have to do is point and shoot – tedious targeting and calibration is unnecessary.

Applications for the portable Artec Eva 3D scanner range from rapid prototyping to quality control, augmented reality initiatives, automotive, forensics, medicine and prosthetics.

This 3D scanner model also includes Artec Studio 12 software which helps you expertly gather and choose the best processing algorithms for your data.

Artec Space Spider Handheld Scanner

Using the same technology developed for the International Space Station, the Artec Space Spider handheld 3D scanner provides endless opportunities in design visualization, engineering and process assessment.

This high-resolution 3D scanner processes data at a rate of up to one million points per second with extreme precision and accuracy, making it the perfect solution for scanning intricate objects at close range.  

Like the Artec Eva handheld 3D scanner, the Artec Space Spider also features compatible Artec Studio 12 software for enhanced product data management.

Artec Leo Handheld Scanner

The Artec Leo is a fully portable 3D scanner that provides complete, easy-to-use design automation within its interface. Functioning similarly to a handheld video camera, the Artec Leo allows you to view and assess the construction of your 3D model in real time.

This handheld 3D scanner has both the capability and accuracy to scan smaller, highly detailed objects as well as broader areas like crime scenes or large vehicles.  

Artec Leo scanners are also available with Artec Studio 12 software.

Artec in Use