Wide Format Scanners

Integrate paper in your workflow

When you design, validate and coordinate in CAD applications, you print and share information in analog form, which doesn’t always mesh well with your digital workflow. To avoid hold ups such as having to redraw all your technical plans, you need the right tools in your arsenal.

Wide format scanners are designed to provide workflow and imaging quality for all scanning needs. Unlike a multi-function printer, a stand alone scanner is the only solution providing the right working height, clean up features and scan speeds required for scanning to file – all while still connecting to your wide format printers.

Wide format scanners provide:

  • Image quality required for raster to vector conversions.
  • Fast scanning speeds up to 14 ips in Color
  • Scanning software designed for scanning
  • Cloud solutions for sharing information without printing
  • Direct printer drivers with all major wide format printer brands

Contex Wide Format Scanners

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IQ Quattro 4400 Wide-format scanners

IQ Quattro WF Scanners

Designed for exact, precise digital imaging needs, the IQ Quattro scanners from Contex are the perfect solution for scanning technical documentation. With little limitations, your team can scan digital maps, artwork and other documents with extreme detail and perfection. This particular wide format scanner allows you to scan several documents consecutively and makes it easy to personalize and save specific software settings for consistency.

IQ Quattro 4400

The 44-inch, IQ Quattro 4400 wide format scanner, is Contex’s project workgroup solution that provides faster, smarter and better digital imaging results.

High-Speed Scans: Reduce your scan processing time and spend more time on other important day-to-day tasks. With this heavy-duty wide format scanner, large color documents can be scanned in 3.5 seconds without compromising any essential image details.

Intelligent Interface: The IQ Quattro 4400 easily integrates with your business processes. Interconnect the scanner with your team projects and store everything you need in the cloud for easy access.

Better Quality: Produce crisp, high-quality scans quickly and easily – helping you maintain and improve workflow.

Advanced Options: Compared to other wide format scanners on the market, the IQ Quattro 4400 utilizes technologically advanced solutions such as Contex CleanScan CIS modules for industry-leading, high-speed results that are tailored to your needs.

Key features

  • Get detailed scans of both normal and large documents
  • Suitable for large, multi-site networks
  • Sigma and CFR scanning capabilities with speeds reaching 14 in / sec
  • 4th generation CIS technology featuring CleanScan
  • Gigabit Network connectivity
  • Magnetic document guides
  • Uses only 0.5W in standby
  • Quick standby recovery
  • Cloud enabled


SD One+

The SD One+ wide format scanner is a high-accuracy office scanner. It’s compact and versatile, complete with a functional control panel for simple operation. Available in two sizes (24” and 36”), the scanner features a full range of software all in one, unobtrusive package.

Capture as-built designs and documentations with your very own in-office large format scanner without delay. No matter the document type, the SD One+ helps you save time and keep projects on track.

Contex SD 3600/IQ 4420 MFP


For a wide format scanner that’s completely focused on your unique business needs and processes, look no further than the SD One MFP. This personalized scanning solution gives every user on your team a personal profile where individuals can save preferences, emails files and more all in the cloud.


  • Compatible with all major printer brands
  • Onboard touchscreen tablet
  • Print management software for simple cost tracking

IQ 3620/IQ 4420 MFP

An MFP wide format scanner solution from Contex can transform any printer into a full-scale copy machine. Versatile enough to fit virtually any environment, the Contex MFP is the ultimate performance solution for in-office use, larger service centers and even high-volume reprographics scenarios. This wide format  scanner gives your team a powerful, yet compact copying solution – complete with useful enhancement views, high-end imaging and automatic editing.

Save time and accelerate processes with an all-in-one Contex MFP wide format scanner that allows you to streamline and share your work over an online network. Plus, its unparalleled versatility lets your team work with a variety of formats and track services with ease.

Key Features:

Compact and space-saving
Industry leading multi-function value
Easy-to-use, delivering perfect copies in seconds
Supports PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats
Flexible design – additional features available by license code
Front paper delivery
USB support for document mobility
Set collation
Collaborate immediately
Low service requirements
Supports all major brands including Canon, HP, Epson and Océ
Eco-friendly, Energy Star certified
Image nesting

NextImage Software Solution

Nextimage software is what sets Contex apart from all other wide format scanners. Powerful, yet easy to learn and use, Nextimage software delivers a complete set of tools to ensure image quality for both archiving and printing.

In addition, this wide format scanner software solution provides support for numerous file formats including Multipage PDF & TIF. And Nextimage REPRO even provides an extensive list of optimized drivers for direct printing to large format printers.

NextImage Software Solution