Wide Format Scanners

Integrate paper in your workflow

When you design, validate and coordinate in CAD applications, you print and share information in analog form. This does not fit your digital workflow and you are often held back by the need to redraw technical plans.

For scanning, choose a scanner – not a copier – “Having the right tools is half the job”
Scanning solutions are designed to provide workflow and image quality for all scanning needs. Unlike an MFP, where the goal is primarily to make copies, a stand alone scanner is the only solution providing the right working height, clean up features and scan speeds required for scanning to file. All this while still connecting to all your wide format printers.

Scanning solutions provide:

  • Image quality required for raster to vector conversions.
  • Fast scanning speeds up to 14 ips in Color
  • Scanning software designed for scanning
  • Cloud solutions for sharing information without printing
  • Direct printer drivers with all major wide format printer brands

Contex Wide-Format Scanning Solutions

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Context HD Ultra Series Wide-format Scanners

HD Ultra Series

The World’s Best Scanner Designed for: High-productivity archiving teams, Scanning professionals and Reprographics departments

  • Scan documents up to three times faster and get the best ROI
  • Capture every detail on maps, drawings, posters or fine art
  • Best-in-class image quality for scan, copy, file and archive
Contex HD iFlex Wide-format Scanners

HD iFlex

Large format flatbed scanner for creativity and productivity without compromise

The large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra flexible design makes the HD iFLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user. Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize the flexibility to scan books, textile, wood, original artwork or anything you would like to transform into digital content. The HD iFLEX is the most flexible A2/C-size flatbed in the market and can even scan up to A1/D-size documents.

Key features

  • Ultra-fast one touch scanning.
  • Scan the entire image in just 4 sec.
  • Single camera with full 600 x 600 optical resolution and true optical lenses for market leading results.
  • Get more: Scan up to A1/D-size document on an A2/C-size flatbed scanner.
  • Unrestricted design. Scan with lid closed, lifted, open or removed.
  • USB and Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2
Contex HD 5450 Wide-format Scanners

HD 5450

With uncompromising image quality standards, the Contex HD5450 scanner is designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks. Whether you are a private business, government or print-for-pay, an HD5450 is the right solution for improved efficiency and productivity. Artwork, maps and other color- and detail-rich documents are reproduced to perfection, without any document length limit. You don’t have to scan the material in several parts and then stitch the images together afterwards. You have a consecutive processing of any number of scans, and software settings you can personalize to ensure the same scan, copy and color settings every time.

IQ Quattro 4400 Wide-format scanners

IQ Quattro 4400

The IQ Quattro 4400 – ideal for project workgroups

Faster: Spend less time scanning and instead focus on what matters to you. Scan A0/E-size color documents in just 3.5 seconds and get all the details you need.

Smarter: Works the way you do. Collaborating with large plans and documents suddenly becomes a seamless part of your day-to-day operation. IQ Quattro is networked with your entire workgroup and Cloud enabled so anybody in your project team can use it from their smartphone.

Better: Shadows and unwanted background are suppressed leaving you with crisp, sharp and natural scans – ready to be used in your continued workflow.

Unique technology: With Contex CleanScan CIS modules, superfast Ethernet and award-winning Nextimage software, Contex IQ Quattro is the leading scanner for technical projects.

The IQ Quattro scanner is the 4th generation CIS scanner from Contex and contains proven technology from our CCD range and CIS technology refined to match our customers requirements for high quality, speed and ease of use. It is available 24 and 44 inches, and contains proven technology from our CCD range and CIS technology refined to match our customers requirements for high quality, speed and ease of use.

IQ Quattro scanners are ideal for project groups. Scan documents and enhance your files in AutoCAD.

Key features

  • Fast, crisp and sharp scans of regular and oversized documents
  • Fit for multi-site network
  • Scan speed up to 14 in / sec in color with Sigma and CFR
  • CleanScan – provides leading image quality
  • Gigabit Network
  • Magnetic document guides
  • Using only 0.5W in standby
  • Recovery from standby in just 1 second by simply loading the document
  • Cloud Enabled

Contex SD One Wide-format Scanners

SD One+

Your fully featured large wide-format scanners

SD One+ has everything you need in an office scanner. With 24” & 36” versions and scanning at the highest possible accuracy, it’s compact and unobtrusive, yet has all the features you need.

Based on your feedback

You told us you needed a fully featured scanner. SD One+ has dedicated scanning software included.

You told us you wanted something easy to use. We put a control panel on the scanner for easy operation.

You told us you need a compact scanner to fit in your office. We made a flexible scanner which can operate on your desk or next to your chosen equipment on its optional stand.

As-builts and documentation

Capture your project changes and as-builts easily with your own scanner. No more trips to the copy-shop. No more delays in your project. With SD One+ you can save time and make sure your project stays on track.

Capture all your document types

Scan and store all your technical documents in standard file formats directly into your project folders.

Cloud Enabled

Contex SD One MFP
Contex SD 3600/IQ 4420 MFP


Your personalized MFP solution

SD One MF is a new concept in MFP solutions. Centered around you, every user has a unique personal profile with their preferences stored, allowing you to email or save to your preferred folder or personal Cloud in just one step.


  • SD One MF fully integrates with all major printer brands, giving you the flexibility to link this powerful scanner with your choice of printer.
  • With an onboard touchscreen tablet, you can mark-up and share without ever printing your files.
  • Perfect for situations where you need to allocate costs, SD One MF has integrated print management software, allowing you to track the cost of every scan, copy or print.

SD 3600/IQ 4420 MFP

A Cx MFP solution can turn any new or existing printer into a copier, giving you the small footprint you need without compromising on performance and versatility. We’ve got an MFP solution for any environment—from occasional walk-up copying, printing and scanning in the office, to high-volume operator-driven services in reprographics departments, copy shops and printing and scanning service centers.

A Cx MFP solution gives you intuitive, powerful walk-up scanning and copying without taking up any more floor space than your existing printer. You get outstanding image quality, with real-time view of enhancements and automatic cleanup of faded, dirty, or poorly shaded documents.

With simultaneous printing/copying while scanning, batch scanning, high scanning speeds, distributed copying and scanning to multiple printers, your Cx MFP solution will accelerate your processes. It will also help you streamline workflows with one-touch buttons and sharing over the network. For improved flexibility, you can exchange printers, work with different file formats and scan, copy and print any document. It even comes with a smart accounting feature that keeps track of billable services.

Communicate and share ideas, blueprints, drawings, sketches – in large format, in color and with no mistakes. Share mark-ups and drawing changes and revisions instantly with scan-to-net or scan-to-email capabilities. Mark-up, print, track changes and share digitally – no need for the original design software. Even saves your files in any format
of your choice.

No need to buy another printer or an expensive integrated MFP to get multi-function. With a Cx MFP solution you get powerful scanning and image enhancement features to help you get the right quality the first time. It fits in your office and connects to most large-format printers. And it’s easy to use for anyone in your office, so you don’t have to outsource scanning of wide-format documents any longer, saving you time and money.

Key Features:

• Compact, space-saving single foot-print color copy solution
• Industry leading multi-function value
• Easy TOUCH operation with big buttons, delivers perfect copies in seconds
• Supports PDF, JPG, TIF file formats
• Scalable design, add features by license code
• Front paper delivery
• USB support for document mobility
• Set Collation
• Collaborate immediately with Scan to net
• Low service requirements
• Supports all major brands, Canon, HP, Epson, Océ
• Eco-friendly, Energy Star certified
• Image Nesting

NextImage Software Solution

NextImage software is what sets Contex apart from all other wide format scanners. Powerful, yet easy to learn and use, NextImage software delivers a complete set of tools to ensure image quality for both archiving and printing.

Capture and improve maps using advanced color reduction options. Digitize and restore monochrome originals with unique adaptive filters and advanced background suppression.

In addition to support for numerous file formats including Multipage PDF & TIF, NextImage REPRO provides an extensive list of optimized drivers for direct printing to large format printers.

NextImage Software Solution