Make Data Work

Managing CAD files with Product Data Management (PDM) is important, but only the beginning of connecting your enterprise.

Product Data Management helps companies improve the way they control, access, and share critical, product-related files and information; but perhaps more important than what PDM does, are the benefits that PDM delivers.

Your information is manual and disconnected. You hand deliver printed drawings to non-engineering staff so they can review and approve designs. 

It takes significant manual effort and far too much time to get all the necessary sign-offs to push through an engineering change order. 

Other departments, such as manufacturing, procurement, quality are using the wrong version of the design. 

You spend countless hours managing your bill of materials (BOM) inside of a spreadsheet.

You have to exchange product information manually between disparate systems used by engineering, purchasing, sales, and manufacturing. 

Product Data Management

Benefits of Effective Data Management

  • Controlling and securing product-related data
  • Improving the ability to quickly find and reuse information
  • Sharing product knowledge and collaborating with other departments

PDM provides the foundation needed to improve product development and engineering performance. Once product data is under control, manufacturers can streamline and automate product-related processes such as transmittal’s and engineering change orders. It also enables information sharing with other parts of the business that play important roles in developing high quality, profitable products. Manufacturers report that the time saved by eliminating non-value added work could instead be used to focus on areas that make products more competitive, including getting to market faster, lowering total cost, and improving product quality.

Are you ready to improve the way you control, access and share critical data?


Osgood Industries shows how PDM has been a valuable tool for collaboration, both internally and with vendors. PDM has given Osgood the ability to build bigger, more complex machines faster, giving them a competitive advantage.