Design Visualization Services

3D Scanners

3D Scanning quite literally makes the physical world your plaything. From small pieces of equipment to complete rooms — even entire buildings and landscapes — 3D Scanning eliminates the frustrations of missing design data, the hassles of manual measurement and the inaccuracies of guess work. And while 3D Scanning makes reverse engineering a lot easier, it’s also useful in the field — for taking measurements or conducting inspections. Studio MGI offers scanning services to meet every need.

Using applications like Navisworks, Revit and Inventor we’ll combine point cloud and modeled data to create fly-through or walk-through visualizations of remodels, add-ons and plant layouts. Clash detection technology ensures that all objects or equipment — whether stationary or containing moving parts — will fit in the defined space.

Need more than point cloud data? We can convert scan data into useful parametric information that comes in a format ready for direct use in your CAD application.

3D Scanned Data
Studio MGI Chairs
Studio MGI Chairs