A tactical approach for technology adoption and continual design process improvement

We take a structured approach to help you maximize your technology investment, applying best practices that align your technology to ensure a streamlined design process. Our team will analyze and review your current workflows and design processes, identify gaps and propose opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to help you maximize the use of your current tools and technologies. Establishing implementation strategies based on your business goals will enable you to ensure processes are aligned, perform seamlessly and support bottom line growth.

Today’s technology solutions are sophisticated and complex, end users are overwhelmed with the amount of tools they have at their disposal. Our goal is to help organizations navigate through the sea of complexity aligning technology to your processes.

Our approach

Review design processes and identify opportunities for business improvements

  • Broken workflows that are increasing the cost of operations.
  • What technologies are being underutilized – usage has not evolved as fast as the technology has.
  • Apply industry leading best practices.

Align each opportunity to a specific business case

  • Perform ROI measurements on each business case, which will determine if the case is beneficial to your organization.

Provide a road map of process improvements

  • Goal planning, budgeting, metrics and timing.
  • Minimize disruption – maximize production.

Interview key stakeholders

  • Identify key business goals, objectives, challenges and successes.
  • Produce documented processes from concept through completion.

Propose areas for improvement

  • Determine if existing technology can meet the needs of current business objectives.
  • Align people with skills; access skill level of team members and present professional development plan.
  • Present new potential processes that will have a positive impact on your organization.

Design Process Assessment

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Processes are ADHOC and success depends on the heroics of team members, assets viewed as necessary costs of doing business


Processes are repeatable but necessarily standardized or comprehensive. May be project-based rather than organizational; assets are incorporated into process definitions.


Standard processes are defined and used across the organization; asset investments are process-based.


Metrics are applied to improve processes and measure process outcomes; asset investments are planned to meet metrics and process customer targets.


Organizations are in a continual process of improvement, strategic investments in assets and processes are planned, made and reviewed regularly.