managed support

Our Managed Support Program provides a comprehensive and structured approach for managing your engineering and product design assets and processes. This managed support program allows both the strategic needs of your investment and business objectives aligning them with the tactical needs of processes, training and support.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to focus on what you do best – product design – rather than CAD admin or internal technical support
  • Maximized ROI for your engineering and product design assets through ensured adoption
  • Rational annual investment plan for your engineering and product design assets
  • Proactive support
  • Continual review and recommendations on the “health” of your technology

We break down the complex process of managing your design process into four strategic categories.

Strategy and Planning

  • Platform strategy discussions and road-map development
  • Platform improvement assessments and recommendations
  • Software acquisition planning

Technical Support Coordination

  • Single point of contact for technical support
  • Coordination of support cases
  • Support status communication

Platform Administrative Support

  • Technology “Health Checks”
  • Platform project planning which includes upgrades, roll-outs, adoption
  • Adoption mentoring

Technical Support

  • Issue investigation and resolution
  • Case escalation
  • Technical questions