Point Cloud to Civil 3D

Civil 3D training

Recommended Course Length: 1 Day
Class Hours: 8:30-4:30
Cost: $495.00

8 AIA Learning Units

OverviewPrerequisitesCourse Outline

Learn how to import, edit, and export point cloud data for use in a 3D project.


This focused class covers the import, processing, and edit of point cloud data. Attendees will learn how to use Recap 360 to import point cloud data, process and edit that data, register and align the data, take measurements from that data, export to Civil 3D, and create and edit surfaces in Civil.

Who Should Attend

Those that are tasked with importing, cleaning, and producing deliverables from point cloud data or drone-based collection systems, and those that want to become comfortable with point cloud scanned data. Those that work with point cloud data in Civil 3D will also find this beneficial.

It is recommended that the student have a working knowledge of:

  • Familiarity with point cloud data recommended
  • Civil 3D experience preferred but not required
  • Import/converting point cloud data
  • Point editing
  • Measurements
  • Sectioning of data
  • Setting orientation
  • Geo-location of data
  • Registration of data
  • Export to Civil 3D
  • Import into Civil 3D
  • Creating 3D surfaces
  • Editing/cleaning of the surface
  • Adding supplemental data

*Course length and cost are based on a minimum of four attendees MasterGraphics reserves the right to cancel classes.

*Note: The course topics are a guideline and class topics may be modified by the instructor based upon the class flow.